This report is optimized for digital platforms. Save trees, our environment and future by not printing if you do not have to separate lives… LETTER FROM AN ORDINARY ZIMBABWEAN Dear President, Dear government official, You addressed us from your offices, You appeared so dapper, We watched you on television, We felt your energy and excitement, “The worst is behind us,” you said You have told us this so many times, You say you think of us always Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, But, do you feel like us too? Are you always hungry? Are you always without water? Are you always harassed while trying to earn a living? Are you poor like us? Do you struggle to feed, educate and clothe your family too? Or it is just that we are living separate lives, Because all we have ever known is things have been the same Perhaps there is a wall that has been built, And we have been shut out, Out of access to the honeypot, Perhaps someday we will find each other, But for now, it seems, we'll go on living separate lives Yours truly A Zimbabwean THE ZIMBABWE PEACE PROJECT 1

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