The Round Up
Human rights violations continued on a high trend during the month of elections. ZPP
recorded 384 human rights violations, a huge increase from 301 in July 2023. Fifty nine
percent of the violations were of threats, harassment, and intimation, 16% of assault and 9%
of malicious damage to property (MDP). ZPP identified 8 832 victims of human rights
violations (51% male, 48% female, 0.11% male persons with disability and 0.12% female PWDs).
The general citizens populated the highest percentage of victims, 86 percent, and Citizens
Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters followed with 12%. Zanu PF party perpetrated most
of the violations (37%), followed by the Forever Associate Zimbabwe (FAZ) at 28%. Harare
(98) and Manicaland (70) provinces recorded the highest violations, whilst Matabeleland
North (11) and Bulawayo (14) had the lowest.

The 2023 general elections were marred by human rights violations across the country. Members of
Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front (Zanu PF) affiliate group Forever Associate
Zimbabwe (FAZ) were implicated in harassing citizens in rural and urban communities. The August
2023 Monthly Monitoring Report (MMR) captures passionate stories of victims of human rights abuses
during the pre and post-election phase which was characterised by gross intimidation and
harassment of citizens by FAZ working in coordination with some traditional leaders participating in
partisan politics. In the history of Zimbabwe’s political and electoral affairs, the 2023 elections left an
indelible mark when the Southern African Development Community’s (SADC’s) Preliminary Statement
on the Zimbabwe Harmonised Elections noted that some aspects of the Harmonised Elections, fell
short of the requirements of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the Electoral Act, and the SADC Principles
and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections (2021).

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