“As we remember January… Everything remains the same”
Executive Summary
The economy remained in dire straits with inflation recorded at 521% for December 2019 1. Prices of
commodities are above the reach of the majority of citizens. This has negative effects on the
enjoyment of human rights, particularly the right to food, the right to health, the right to education,
among others.
The month of January 2020 saw an increase in reported human rights violations from 119 to 185.
Harassment and intimidation were the highest recorded violations at 96. Mashonaland Central
province recorded the highest violations at 34. Machete gangs continued to terrorise citizens with
ZPP receiving reports of three murders deaths at the hands of these gangs. Police and machete
gangs contributed the most to the profile of perpetrators, followed by Zimbabwe African National
Union Patriotic Front (Zanu PF).
The culture of selective application of the law by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) remains a
mainstay of the Zimbabwean landscape. Some opposition party public events were barred by the
police during the course of the month.
The social, political and economic environment prevailing in Zimbabwe is breeding ground for human
rights violations and regrettably being perpetrated with impunity. It also creates hotbeds for violent
The Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) urges the ZRP to intensify their targeted efforts to deal with the
machete gangs and all and sundry in particular the government to respect the constitution.
January marked a year since the 2019 January national stay away violence that resulted in at least
17 people losing their lives. The violence that was meted out indiscriminately against citizens is an
indication that citizens are not safe in their own country. The triggers of the 14-16 January 2019
national stay away remain unresolved; a year
later. The economy continued to deteriorate with
prices of commodities, including fuel, increasing
and remaining out of reach for many. Fuel prices




People queuing for mealie meal at OK supermarket in St Mary’s
Chitungwiza: PC- ZPP



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