Women queue for water in Hopley Suburb, Harare

In November, there was a continuation of
partisan distribution of agricultural inputs
under the government’s Pfumvudza input
scheme, biased hand-out of food aid from
the government’s social welfare department
as well as the open bias in court processes
and the escalation of the stifling of
alternative voices, in politics, media and civil
society and other spaces.
In addition, ZPP, in November, documented
a growing water crisis largely in urban
centres, and increased vulnerability of
people due to the economic challenges.
To buttress this are the statistics of human
rights violations, where, out of the 226
incidents recorded, the Zimbabwe Republic
Police (ZRP) contributed 30.65 percent of
the perpetrators while Zanu PF accounted
for 18.48 percent, followed by the municipal
police at 8.7 percent and five percent by the
Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA).
The affiliation of 34.75 percent of the
perpetrators remained unknown, raising
fears over the non-existence of a sense of
personal security in the country, where the
ordinary people are vulnerable, with no

effective protection from human rights
The two factions, which are in a State-aided,
bitter fight over the control of the biggest
opposition political party, the MDC,
contributed a combined 2.17 percent of the
violations whereas the war veterans
contributed 0.43 percent of perpetrators
It must be noted that entities linked to the
State and the ruling party, which are, the
ZRP, Zanu PF, ZNA, war veterans, and
municipal police, contributed a combined
63.26 percent of perpetrators of human
rights violations recorded in November.
Topping the list of incidents were 118 cases
of intimidation and harassment attributed
largely to the police and the army, followed
by 45 cases of discrimination during aid
distribution and 21 cases of assault and
eight cases of unlawful detention.
In November, ZPP recorded two cases of
killings, one in Harare and the other in
Mazowe, where miners were buried alive as
shall be detailed in the case files in this

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