ZPP Monthly Monitor

All that glitters is
not gold: The case
of Kitsiyatota.

The Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) was
conceived shortly after 2000 by a group of
Churches and NGOs working or
interested in human rights and peacebuilding initiatives, and was to become a
vehicle for civic interventions in a time of
political crisis. In particular ZPP sought
to monitor and document incidents of
human rights violations and politically
motivated breaches of the peace e.g.
Today, ZPP’s co-operating member
organizations include, Zimbabwe Council
of Churches (ZCC), Catholic Commission
for Justice & Peace in Zimbabwe
(CCJPZ), Evangelical fellowship of
Zimbabwe (EFZ) Zimbabwe Election
Support Network (ZESN), Counselling
Services Unit (CSU), Zimbabwe Civic
Education Trust (ZIMCET), Zimbabwe
Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR),
Zimbabwe Human Rights Association
(ZIMRIGHTS), Civic Education Network
Trust (CIVNET), Women’s Coalition of
Zimbabwe (WCoZ) and Habakkuk Trust.
A Zimbabwe where there is Peace,
Justice, Dignity and Development for all.
To work for sustainable peace through
monitoring, documentation, advocacy and
community peace building interventions
with our members and partners.

Information Department
Zimbabwe Peace Project

Information Department
Zimbabwe Peace Project

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