In early December 2020, the world began warming
up to the option of vaccination as a preferred
containment measure as compared to lockdowns.
On February 18, 2021, Zimbabwe Vice President Dr.
Constantino Chiwenga volunteered to take the first
Sinopharm vaccine, marking the rollout of the
vaccination program in the country. The program,
largely anchored on donations, targeted essential
services providers, particularly frontline healthcare
workers. Notwithstanding the government’s
incapacities of a large scale rollout, Zimbabweans
had reservations and concerns on speculated
harmful side effects that included possibility of
death after taking the vaccine. The fourth edition of
the COVID-19 Accountability Tracker covers related
developments in the months February and March
2021 focusing on documented human rights
violations and prejudices ensuing from the COVID19 management measures instituted by the
Government of Zimbabwe.


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