The fact sheet puts forward key human rights issues which need urgent redress by
stakeholders including government to ensure that persons with disabilities enjoy
their rights in Zimbabwe. With regards to the disability fraternity, ZPP notes with
concern that there has been an increase in civil, political and socio-economic
rights violations in the months of June and July 2022. Perpetrators of the human
rights violations mapped include the ruling party, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP),
the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) and the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).
Victims of human rights violations included Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).
Female PWDs made up 0.14% and male PWDs 0.13% percent of victims of socioeconomic and civil and political rights in the month of July. PWDs have continued
to be a vulnerable constituency by being victims of violations to socio-economic
rights they should enjoy.



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