ZPP notes with concern, 31 cases where food and other aid distribution was
politicised in which cases PWDs were victims in the period under review. On the
15th of July ZPP recorded an incident in which the Bulawayo Municipal Police
(BMP) went around arresting and confiscating goods of vendors for selling from
undesignated sites. ZPP also detected that it was a joint operation where police
officers were arresting vendors who were accused of operating spaza shops
illegally without licenses.
Mchasiseli Ndiweni (35yrs) is reported to have been manhandled by the BMP in the
process sustaining an injury to his hand when he was forcefully thrown into the
truck. This followed a similar incident that took place in February in the Harare
Central Business District in which a PWD Blessing Tinashe, was harassed and
accused of illegally operating a vending stall.

On the 5th of August Bulawayo Municipal Police also raided the space vendors use
along 6th Avenue and confiscated second-hand clothing and other wares. Many
PWDs were left counting their losses as most of the goods they were selling were
taken by the BMP. Most PWDs interviewed lamented the discrimination they
suffered owing to the failure of many institutions to appreciate their situation.
They argue that many in their constituency have been forced to resort to vending
since in the past no one prioritized their education.

The fact that society continues to view them as charity cases makes them
vulnerable and a target of law enforcement agents. The fact that the human rights
violations are perpetrated by state security and personnel, PWDs have become
more and more vulnerable to human rights violations without any form of
protection or any source of recourse.



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