budgets resulting in citizens losing lives for ailments that could be controlled. There is a raging
outbreak of measles which has resulted in many children losing life unnecessarily as some
members of society do not want to have their children vaccinated. The dilemma is that the most
affected are the Apostolic churches who seem to be the chosen ones owing to their numbers and
the pledges they have made for their many members to vote for Zanu PF.
Access to clean, potable water remains a dream for most citizens as most urban areas do not
have running water and citizens have to spend many hours waiting to access water at boreholes.
Some of the boreholes have become a source of conflict as those in the queues jostle to get to
the front. Many parents across the country are concerned about the high cost of education for
their children. While the Constitution guarantees free basic education, there seems to be more
demands on parents for extra lessons that have to be paid in foreign currency. Those who cannot
afford are simply ignored in class.
ZPP recommends the adoption of the following interventions to promote sustainable peace in

The state has the responsibility to ensure all citizens exercise their rights without limitation
and regardless of their political affiliation, gender, disability, race
The state has a responsibility to ensure that the law is applied non-selectively
Take necessary steps to ensure citizens access reasonable health services in public
institutions and access clean and potable water

Chapter 12 commissions

According to their mandate generally and the NPRC specifically they need to strike
alliances with relevant stakeholders to ensure that positive peace prevails
The NPRC could take a leaf from Kenya and monitor hate language and take note of
words that should be avoided
ZGC and the ZMC are urged to ensure that women are not subjected to violence and
cyber bullying

CSOs and the Church

To continue working on creating awareness on peace deficits in communities
Through community activities foster a culture of tolerance and co-existence

Political parties

Desist from using hate language and perpetrating political violence
Sanction supporters found guilty of being intolerant and perpetrating political violence

According to Johan Galtung, widely known as the father of peace there is negative and positive
peace. He states that positive peace is filled with positive content such as restoration of
relationships, the creation of social systems that serve the needs of the whole population and the
constructive resolution of conflict.3 Therefore the absence of war is not peace.



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