Resist, Reject and Report Violence, #RRRV2023


The RoundUP
Human rights violations continued a high trend during Women’s Month across the country. ZPP recorded 221
human rights violations, a slight decrease from 241 in February 2023. 63% of the violations were of threats,
harassment, and intimation, 13% of discrimination and 12% of assault. ZPP identified 1 914 victims of human
rights violations (79% male, 20% female, 0.3% male persons with disability and 0.4% female PWDs). The
general citizens populated the highest percentage of victims, 89%, and Zanu PF supporters followed with
5% and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters with 4.5%. Zanu PF party perpetrated most of the
violations (50%), followed by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) at 18%. Mashonaland Central (34) and
Manicaland (33) provinces recorded the highest violations, whilst Matabeleland North (13) and South (9) had
the lowest. ZPP is largely concerned about how women continue to be victims of human rights abuses and
violations generally and especially in the month of March which is women’s month. The continued targeting
of women as voters and also as prospective public office bearers does not bode well for women to be
decision makers for issues that affect women and girls. The Constitution provides for the full participation
of women in politics and other spheres that have a bearing on their welfare but it is the enforcement of
Constitutional provisions by the government and political parties that leaves them out to dry. While there are
laws that are meant to protect women against digital abuse online these are selectively applied.
The Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP) joined the rest of the world in commemorating International Women's Day
which is held annually on the 8th of March. The day was celebrated under the theme, "DigitALL: Innovation
and technology for gender equality". The day offered an opportunity to reflect on progress made in terms of
gender equality, to celebrate acts of courage and determination in promoting the rights of women and girls
in digital spaces contributing to the history and development of their countries and communities. In line with
the international theme this year, ZPP adopted the theme “Promoting Cyber Tolerance and Online Etiquette
for Gender Equality” as a response to the many breaches of peace and exclusion of women in digital spaces
that are increasing as a result of socio-economic and political factors. Section 17 of the Constitution of
Zimbabwe promotes the full participation of women in all spheres of Zimbabwean society on the basis of
equality with men. Cyber bullying discourages aspiring female office holders from taking up the challenge as
the online harassment of women discourages other women from taking part in politics which will have a
negative impact on inclusive programming and gender equality. ZPP continues to remind the government of
the constitutional obligation under Section 17 of the Constitution to achieve gender equality and to be gender

MARCH 2023

The Zimbabwe Peace Project Monthly Monitoring Report


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