June 2021 recorded the height of gross and heartless Human Rights
violations instituted by the Government of Zimbabwe under the difficult
global pandemic – COVID-19. Spate of demolitions of homes and means
of livelihood for the poor Zimbabwean, were witnessed in Harare’s high
density suburbs and Chitungwiza. The impact of COVID-19 and the
restrictive conditions of its management, forced businesses to operate
at less than capacity, with most laying off employees and shutting down.
The past five (5) editions of the COVID-19 Accountability Tracker confirmed fears that Zimbabweans were now dependent on informal trade
to survive a day. With no meaningful contribution from the government
to cushion persons with disabilities, women, children and other vulnerable groups, the wave of demolitions further worsened the livelihood of
the poor Zimbabwean. The situation was aggravated by an abrupt pronouncement of a tighter lockdown which was not complemented by a
government relief facility for the affected persons. The reporting month
June 2021 recorded low activity on the vaccination programme with
many reports citing non availability of the dose at the vaccination centres. The sixth edition of the COVID-19 Accountability Tracker covers
related developments in the month June 2021, focusing on documented human rights violations and prejudices ensuing from the COVID-19
management measures instituted by the Government of Zimbabwe.


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