On 25 October 2020, at Kandeya Primary
School in Mt Darwin South, about 177
kilometres from the main capital, Harare,
dozens of villagers gathered to receive
government’s Pfumvudza programme
meant to boost Zimbabwe’s food security.
What started off as a fair distribution with everyone getting their fair sharelater turned out to be a partisan exercise.
This was after about 20 villagers known to
support opposition political parties were
turned away and asked that they return
after the distribution.
When they turned up later, they did not
get the inputs.
Elsewhere, on October 8, only Zanu PF
supporters benefited from the Pfumvudza
inputs at Waze Business Centre in
Chegutu East.
The Zanu PF Ward Chairperson Daniel

Makamure and another ruling party
activist only identified as Musengi forced
villagers to a meeting and beneficiaries
were forced to surrender their personal
details and chant Zanu PF slogans.
These two incidences are not isolated as,
throughout the month of October, the
partisan distribution of Pfumvudza inputs
was a major highlight and the Zimbabwe
Peace Project recorded 38 cases of
discrimination of known and perceived
political opposition supporters and/or
activists. So widespread was this that ZPP
recorded cases in all provinces except
Harare and Bulawayo.
The ruling party contributed to 20.84
percent of all violations recorded, up from
15.61 percent in September; largely
because Zanu PF officials were the ones
the distribution
Pfumvudza inputs

‘…the ruling party, as a perpetrator of human rights
violations, contributed to 20.84 percent of all
violations recorded, up from 15.61 percent in


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