Politically, the country is turning
a corner into what is set to be a
bruising tussle for political power
and with Zanu PF having already
showed signs it will use its
leverage of having access to state
resources, the turf is set.


While the party if free to conduct
its business in any way, the
concern is that Zanu PF as the
ruling party, continued to utilize
government resources from all
the ministries to further its
political processes and this is
very unfortunate and exposes the
What concerns ZPP most is that
need for the return to a situation
all of this happens at the
detriment of the poor people who where the line between the state
have to bear the brunt of political and the ruling party is clear.
expediency at the expense of
Furthermore, the President of the
service delivery.
Chiefs Council, Fortune
Charumbira, went on to make
For example, Zanu PF spent
millions of dollars to conduct its remarks that prove the partiality
of traditional leaders.
conference in Bindura, where
State power, opulence and
grandiose were at display right in
the heart of one of Zimbabwe’s
poor regions.

Charumbira has claimed that
traditional leaders were not
bound by the Constitution
because the chieftainship
institution was in existence

before the country’s charter was
He later told NewsDay, “What
Constitution? What came first,
the Constitution or the chiefs?
We came first as chiefs before the
Constitution,” he said.

Chapter 15.2 of the Constitution
stipulates that traditional leaders
are not allowed to bear allegiance
to any political party or to
participate in partisan politics.
This is not anything to be taken
lightly as chiefs and village heads
have been among the major
perpetrators of political violence
in Zimbabwe and we will call on
Charumbira to retract his words
and clearly declare and instruct
chiefs to be apolitical.

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