The events of this month laid
bare the selective application of
the law, where Zanu PF activities
have gone on without any
hindrances and where police have
been used to subtly and overtly
disrupt opposition political


Zanu PF supporters in Mupandira
near the provincial capital,
Bindura, and the matter allegedly
got the attention of President
Emmerson Mnangagwa who
allegedly suspended some senior

These were characterised by
incidents of violence and arrests
were only made where the police
acted against those in power.

The Zimbabwe Peace Project,
recorded 15 cases of intra-party
violence within Zanu PF, a 50
percent increase from last
month’s 10 cases and out of
these, there have been no arrests
of any Zanu PF supporters, which
goes to show that the ruling
party gets away with internal
violence, and that impunity is a
great cause for concern.

For example, in Bindura, on
October, 15 police officers were
arrested after they assaulted

The Zimbabwe Republic Police
follows behind Zanu PF as
perpetrators of human rights

This is largely because while the
MDC Alliance was having hurdles
thrown in its way, Zanu PF
continued to conduct the last
round of the its district and
provincial internal elections.

violations at just over 32 percent.
The social and economic state of
the country did not improve and
while government pushed for an
increase in COVID-19 vaccination
to 38 percent of the population,
Zimbabweans continued to fail to
access basic healthcare,
education, water, and other social
services. The economy did not
make it any easier as prices were
on a sustained increase spurred
on by the fall of the Zimbabwean
dollar against the United States
This month, we also take a look
at the post-Zanu PF conference
environment and the unfolding
political environment as the
country heads towards 2023.

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