The main opposition political
party, MDC Alliance, contributed
to nearly three percent of


The police continue to be in the
spotlight for violating human
rights this month as they are
responsible for seven cases of
unlawful detention and also
largely liable for the 134 cases of
harassment and intimidation,
together with Zanu PF.
The situation points to a worrying
trend as the country approaches
the 2023 elections. Hate speech
continued to dominate the
political environment.
Zanu PF maintained its dominance
on the list of human rights
violators in the month of October

For the second time the ruling
party contributed to over 50
percent of all the human rights
violations and this is largely
attributable to the attempts by the
party to stop the campaign
activities of the MDC Alliance.
Zanu PF mobilized its supporters
to disrupt and attack the MDC
Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s
convoy in three provinces,
Masvingo, Manicaland and
Mashonaland West and in the
interests of democracy and
equality in political contestation,
these incidents were unwarranted.
In one of the incidents, the MDC
Alliance claimed its Zvimba South
Constituency Coordinating
member Maria Wemba was
abducted at Murombedzi growth

point in Zvimba West by suspected
Zanu PF militia. She was allegedly
found later naked and badly

ZPP condemns in the strongest
terms the actions by Zanu PF, and
urges the party supporters and
activists to respect the founding
values of the Constitution, which
clearly stipulate that Zimbabwe is
a multi-party democracy entity
where opposition political activity
is guaranteed.
ZPP also calls on the police to act
professionally, impartially and
without fear and favour in order to
bring justice to victims of violence.

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